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Portraits in the style of James Rizzi:  The American pop artist James Rizzi achieved renown for his linear, childlike style, vibrant colors and zany imagery. Using a "selfie" students will create a Rizzi style portrait. 

Mr. Picasso Head:  Using Picasso's steel style abstract "sculptures" students will work on bending the rules of perspective like many of Picasso's works. 

Wonderful Absurdity Miro style: Joan Miró Ferra was a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker and decorative artist and a key figure in the history of abstract art. As a surrealist his art is filled with wonderful absurdity. Students will mimic Miro’s style by using bold colors and organic shapes to make their own work of art.

Duchamp’s Art Machines: Art that is designed to incorporate motion is classified as Kinetic Art. Many artists have combined physical science and creativity into amazing pieces of mechanical sculpture. Like Marcel Duchamp students will be using things found around the house to make moving sculptures. 

Andy Warhol style composite: Transforming photos of movie stars and color washing them with bright color is one way that Andy Warhol made a name for himself. Using this concept Students will transform their photos into works of art. 

PastePaper Mosaic: Using a premade paste tinted with acrylic paint, pastepaper masterpieces are easy and quick to make. After assembling many sheets in the classroom, the papers are torn/cut to create mosaic “tiles,” then reassembled into an intricate, patterned mosaic style image.

Giacometti Style Mini Busts: Alberto Giacometti once said that he was not sculpting human figures, rather, “the shadow that they cast.” The mini bust created by students will reflect that concept.

Modigliani Mini Busts: In total contrast to Giacometti these mini bust are smooth and sleek as Amedeo Modigliani portrayed them. What makes these work stand out is long thin facial features. We will be using air dry clay over a foil form to interpret this well known artist's style.  

Sci-Fi Selfie (Kurt Schwitter): Starting with an outline of their own features, students use metallic foil, paints, and discarded components to turn their image into science fiction selfies.

Natural Notan: Building a Notan is a great exercise in composition, and will help develop an eye for negative space, scale, shape, and balance.

Lichtenstein Pop Art Resist: Using a resist along with rubbing and texture plates students create a composition with Lichtenstein flair. Students will add a pop of bright color to bring it to life

Taking A Dot For A Walk: Paul Klee said that in a minimum of one line he could reveal wisdom and that drawing a line is like taking a dot for a walk. Students in this workshop will play with lines and color and experiment with mixed media to make abstract works. 

Lines and signs: In Wassily Kandinsky's Work called Lines and Signs you can see many lines and shapes. Students will use self made stamps, inks and paint washes to recreate the look of this famous work of art.

Different Things Gallery's Creative Journey Program 

Art Labs
Each project listed below is done in 1, 2 or 3 sessions and may have extra supply costs. 

Art For Preschool
Each of these programs can be in one or several sessions
Prints and Printmaking
The printing process can be done by using a variety of supplies, styles and mediums. Students will experience several of these
processes during these workshops and programs. Press prints, transfers, clay and other stamps, gadget prints, foam & polystyrene prints, will be explored. 

Modeling and Constructing
Sculpture and architecture are three dimensional art forms that touch everyone's life on a daily basis. The lines of Science technology, art, and math are blurred in constructing these works. Students will experience assembly, construction, balance, hypothesis, creativity, and many other basic skills as they create their own 3-D art. 

Cutting, Tearing, and Pasting
Folding, cutting and pasting are skills that improve with practice. Many famous artists also incorporated these techniques in their work. Students will have opportunities to practice and apply these skills as they create many fun projects. 

Drawing and Painting
Drawing is used in art as a basis for other projects or to stand on their own to represent images from memory, real world objects, direct observation or imagination. Paint gives dimension, tone and shade to colors and adds form and style to a drawing. These skills will be developed through exploration and process based projects. 

Art Labs and Art for Preschool Programs and other projects can be developed to fit your needs. Call for more information and to discuss a program that is right for your group.