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Different Things Gallery's Creative Journey Programs 
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This Year’s Creative Journey Programming Includes:

Art Labs (Schoolage) . This hands on style program will introduce children to different artistic styles from Monet, Warhol, Pollock, Van Gogh and others and share elements and principles of art and artists from around the world. 

Games To Go (Schoolage) The spontaneity, joy and pleasure involved in playing games helps children establish interpersonal relationships and have fun with a positive attitude about the world around them. This Creative Journey program is intended to be an energy releaser focusing on interaction with others in a fun and non-confrontational atmosphere.

Ready Set Jump (Schoolage) Jumping rope is becoming a lost art, but it is a great way to expend energy, improve coordination, agility, balance, strength, and endurance. Making jumping rope a part of a regular schedule will help children feel good about themselves and more fit. 

Table Top Fun: No Batteries Required! (Schoolage) Create and play "Old School" games and activities with paper, household items and your imagination. Remember penny soccer, finger football, and cootie eaters? DTG has dusted them off and put them back in the line up of fun things to do. 

The Art of Storytelling (all ages) Storytelling is an art form that comes together in many ways character construction, narration, verbal expression to name a few. These activities are fun and full of language building activities that include humor, thinking and interactive creativity. 

Art for Preschoolers Creative beginners need the freedom to explore art. Children become creative not by what they produce but by what they attempt & explore. This process develops much needed self confidence and decision making skills.

Super Science (Schoolage) There are fabulous things happening everyday all around us. DTG’s Fun Science programs will help your children unlock the most amazing secrets of science. The mysterious mixtures, jiggling gels, and loaded liquids will bubble, stretch & blow your mind as science becomes your favorite subject (and the kids will love it too).  DTG's most requested one time program is "Busting Bubbles". 

Movin’ & Groovin’ with (Tod & Presch)This get up and move program invites children to explore rhythm & movement and learn to keep a steady beat while having a blast .

Much More Than Counting (Presch-Kind) This program combines math rich activities, games and stories that stretch young learners potential to problem solve, reason, evaluation, & discover math comprehension skills with large motor skills, and relationship building experiences that are fun and engaging.  

All programs are compatible with Ohio Early Learning Standards and are a great way for Centers to comply with SUTQ guidelines.
DTG is committed to supporting arts and education in the community by showcasing local talent and providing Creative Journey programming for children

Schedule a daily, weekly, monthly, or one time visit from us. 

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Art inspired learning experiences for everyone: 
individuals, groups, homeschoolers, corporate team building events and more...

​Community Outreach:
DTG provides original art education and literacy events through the Creative Journey Programs. We will bring our art inspired educational programs to schools, daycares, homeschool groups, girl & boy scouts, libraries or other educational venues.

Corporate or Private Events
Art expression produces a sense of fulfillment and happiness it is a great way to build team confidence and moral. We can do messy or mild whatever your style may be. Each group is looking for that personal touch and you can find it with DTG Art Lab Events. Celebrations, fundraisers, retreats, retirement or birthday parties and more