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mixed media on canvas
Second in the Earthbound series
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with young children

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​Moving With Math

Hoop Number Sort
Spread 6 to 10 hoops out on the floor. 
Put a number card in the middle of each hoop. (tape the card to the floor or to the hoop so that it won't slide under children's feet)
Give each child a number card and have them line up on the other side of the room. 
Children or adult choose a way for the children to move from the line up area to the hoop area. 
On the adult’s go the children move to the hoops and find the hoop that has their matching number. (a CD or an instrument can be played to signal starting and stopping the movement)  
When they find the number that matches the card they have they step inside and wait for everyone to find their hoop match. 
When the teacher points at the group they shout the number.  (repeat giving new numbers and a new way to move.) 

Color Tape Dash
Put down 3 different color painters tape lines long enough for your entire group to stand on end to end and about 10 feet apart. (adjust color size and length apart as needed. This is a good activity to do outside and chalk can be used instead of tape)
Have children stand on the center line.
Draw their attention to the colors of the lines.
When they know the colors of each line tell them that they will be running from one line to the next but they have to listen for the color. When the adult calls the color the children run to that line.

Change the movement from running to one of their suggestions as the go from line to line. Hopping, skipping, sliding, crawling etc…

Number, Number What Do You See
To prepare for this game you need to make some number cards. One each with a different number big enough for children to see from a distance. You decide how many to make.

Before starting the call/response ask the children to show you how they can jump, twist, spin etc… 
Call: Number, Number What Do You See?
Hold up a card and show children a number
Response: I see a # ____ looking at me! 
Let’s count and Jump, twist, spin etc... 1, 2, 3…..